Dance Flag

Dance Flag

A person’s dance, peaceful but not share the joy. A person’s voice echoes in the open field. Put on the banner of dance, just dance for yourself!

No matter how noisy the outside world is, there must always be a castle of mood to rest. No matter how agitated the mind, there must always be a quiet area where you can wander in your emotions, only the flag.

So happy, so to laugh, so to catch up with the flag of happiness. In this way to find a life. Life like me.

Some words, I can only speak to my own flag, and only I can understand them. Some things, only hide in their own hearts, because only want to remember themselves.

So I made a dance flag for myself, the real me in my heart, living here, talking to another me all the time. Some are silly, some are morbid. But only oneself knows the feeling, how can other people make judgments?

I think if one day I can outline a new flag, I should be very happy. So ah, at this moment, my mind has emerged a lot of characteristic flags, each side is the memory of the most ordinary part of the past.

A strange word suddenly appeared in front of me. Are you new? I want to catch you, I want to take this dance flag, I want to take all ignorance into my arms.

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