Customized McDonald’s flag

Customized McDonald’s flag

Speaking of McDonald’s, everyone is very familiar with it. The advertising flags at McDonald’s gate are very bright. McDonald’s is a large transnational chain restaurant in the world. It was founded in Chicago in 1955 and has about 30000 branches in the world. Mainly sell hamburgers, as well as chips, fried chicken, soda, ice, salad, fruit and other fast food.

McDonald’s in China

The earliest McDonald’s restaurant was called “Macdonald fast food” in mainland China until the last name was adopted. But in the folk, because McDonald’s and “Peony building” sound close, peony building is also regarded as a nickname of McDonald’s, but it is not common.

Distribution of McDonald’s

First of all, McDonald’s is located in 119 countries on six continents, and its flags are everywhere outside its stores. Second, there are 32000 branches, which represents an American lifestyle in many countries.

As McDonald’s is the largest transnational fast food chain enterprise, it is discussed that this kind of food will lead to obesity. The focus of consumption is to represent a fast food culture. It is accused of affecting public health. It is certain that because of its high calorie, McDonald’s will lead to obesity, as well as the lack of sufficient balanced nutrition.

Comments on McDonald’s

Generally speaking, many people criticize McDonald’s as junk food. France is proud of its own food culture, so some people are hostile to McDonald’s as a representative of the invasion of American lifestyle. In the United States, there is a McDonald’s branch near every highway exit.

In addition, it also provides wireless Internet service. McDonald’s happy meal presents free toys, such as Disney movie character dolls, which are attractive to children.

How to get the McDonald ‘s flag?

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