Custom world famous painting flag

Custom world famous painting flag

There is a picture in poetry and a poem in painting. Everyone has a famous picture flag in his heart. Some are our beautiful dreams, some are our illusory fantasies, and some are the ideals to be achieved. All of these have created a picture in our hearts.

The beauty of Mona Lisa

On August 21, 1911, the Mona Lisa was the most audacious art theft in history. Vincenzo perugi walked into the Louvre in France, went straight to the famous Mona Lisa, took it off the wall, hid it under his clothes, and then escaped. A few minutes later, when an amateur painter set up his easel, he noticed that Da Vinci’s masterpiece was missing, so he informed the guards.

The banner of the world’s famous paintings

The painting of Mona Lisa, which has been missing for more than two years, has not found any decent clues. Then, in November 1913, Alfredo Gehry, an Italian art dealer, received a letter calling himself Leonard. It shows the Mona Lisa in Florence and will return a large ransom. Perugia was arrested when he tried to get a ransom. The painting was not hurt.

Perugia, a former Louvre employee, claimed that he was out of patriotic duty to avenge Italy on behalf of Napoleon. But previous robberies and a diary with a list of art collectors led most people to believe that his actions were motivated entirely by greed. Perugia served seven months and a year in prison before serving in the Italian Army during World War I. Mona Lisa is back in the Louvre, where there are better security measures to protect it.

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