Custom waterflooding beach flags

Custom waterflooding beach flags

If you like the beach flag, please join us. Our beach flag is ready for our distinguished guests! We have been producing products for more than 15 years. And has been committed to improving the product line process, to provide the best quality products and services. Welcome to visit our factory.

You just need to send us a request via email or instant messaging, and we will reply soon. If you don’t know what you want, don’t worry. Just tell us what you need and where you can use them, and we’ll give you the best advice.

Specifications and types of flags

1. Full color banner printing.

2. Single or double side.

3. Strong CE certified epoxy glass fiber lamp pole with double steel sleeve at the bottom.

4. Various heavy bases can meet various applications.

5. All bases include a heavy duty fully enclosed ball bearing spindle to allow the flag to rotate with the wind.

6. Equipped with portable bag, easy to assemble. Bag size: 152 * 19 * 30cm

The concept of team design pattern

Our beach flag is a one-sided teardrio banner, which prints the pattern on one side of the fabric, while the other side of the fabric displays the pattern in the form of mirror image, which reduces the brightness of the color. The double-sided feather banner is actually two banners, with a piece of material sewn together in the middle, so that the patterns on both sides are different.

What’s more, we need to know your requirements for product name, size, material and quantity in order to make a quick quotation. If you have uncertain information, don’t worry, we will give you the best advice.

Do you know where to buy beach flags

If you love life and have a beautiful dream, come to our company and buy high-quality waterflooding beach flag, which will bring you unexpected good luck. We can also give you custom-made lapel pins in the shape of flags. The prices are very favorable.

Our various beach flags are sold to many other countries, so there is no minimum order.

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