Custom the flag of college basketball match

Custom the flag of college basketball match

Basketball is not only a high skilled sport, but also needs speed and skill. So, the basketball game of college students is wonderful, and the basketball flag makes me feel great!

As one of the most important sports in the world, basketball is more and more popular with people, especially among teenagers, basketball enamel pin is more popular.

Passionate basketball spirit, give people a chance to exercise, at the same time, playing basketball is good for your health, whether physiological or psychological, is very helpful. So that’s one of the charms of basketball.

Let me introduce basketball

Basketball is one of the greatest sports in the world. The inventor of basketball is zhijames Naismith. In 1891, when James Naismith was a PE teacher in Massachusetts, the headmaster Dao asked him to come up with a sport for Christianity. This kind of sport must be carried out indoors. When the players are playing, they must have the passion for baseball and football.

After continuous thinking, he came up with a way: hang a net on the wall, and then throw the ball into the basket. Therefore, basketball came into being.

At first, each team has nine players. The rules of the game are: players pass the ball to their team members, and then throw the ball into the other team’s basket. In this way, until 1898, the first professional basketball team was established.

Beautiful basketball

In the framework of basketball, basketball flies out of the hand dexterously, draws a perfect line, and cuts the basketball neatly. Basketball is like a meteor across the sky, which makes people sigh! Athletes, keep encouraging and cheering.

My favorite sport is basketball. Everyone here likes playing basketball. I love playing basketball. It’s my favorite sport. Every morning we go to the school gym. The teacher told us that playing basketball can make me tall and strong. Because everyone likes basketball, so we work harder than before.

Why we choose our company flag

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