Custom rectangular beach flags

Custom rectangular beach flags

Needless to say, the rectangular flag is also a very unique advertising display. We live in a world full of advertisements. When we turn on the TV, all kinds of flag advertisements will come into our eyes. Colorful pictures, beautiful sounds and beautiful girls occupy the whole screen.

Since advertising can really help us a lot, the banner and various enamel pins can provide us with more information, so that we can understand the product. But flag ads have some drawbacks. In my opinion, in such a complex society, it is not easy for us to do a good job in car body advertising.

Quality assurance of high quality flag

1. The fabric product is soft and firm, not easy to wrinkle

2. Waterproof, sunscreen, not easy to fade, pollution-free, washable

3. Easy to install, easy to carry and store, durable and reusable

4. High definition, vivid pattern, bright color, uniform color, eye-catching, strong visual effect.

Meet the requirements of our customers

We will provide photos before delivery. When the customer receives the product damage during the transportation, you have the right to reject the product and take photos of the damaged product. We will ask the express company to pay. Even if the product is in reasonable use, if there is any damage or breakage, we will ship it free of charge in the next order.

Reasons for choosing our company flag

First of all, we have the advantages of EU certification, and we guarantee that you will complete your order within a very short delivery time. Secondly, we have our own independent factories and designers, and strict quality inspection standards.

Our products with good quality control system and the most competitive price, sell well in the United States, including North America, Europe, Australia and so on. We are looking forward to cooperating with more customers from all over the world.

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