Custom printed trophy flag

Custom printed trophy flag

Wonderful world, wonderful sports cup flags, around the stadium, flags full of sports logo, is a very spectacular scene. Therefore, it is a kind of yearning and persistence to get the sports cup.

Sports games refer to sports competitions. There are large-scale games such as the Olympic Games, but the scope is different. The earliest games were the ancient Olympic Games in ancient Greece. In the sports meeting, everyone can show their brilliance and welcome the victory.

The emergence of the Olympic Games

The Olympics began in Greece more than 2 700 years ago. The first recorded Olympic competition was held in 776 B. C. It was held in an outdoor stadium and about forty thousand people watched the event. The first thirteen Olympics consisted of only one race running. The games had been held regularly for about 1 200 years. Then, in the year 397 the Olympics were prohibited by the Roman Emporor.

The transmission of the Olympic flame

As the games are a national sport, the International Olympic Committee held a meeting to decide that during the games, the main stadium must be burned and the flame from the Olympics must be drawn. Therefore, on July 20, 1936, after the ignition ceremony of the Olympic Games, each person first carried the torch and ran for a kilometer relay, and then, according to the official regulations of the International Olympic Committee, lit the Olympic flame and wore the enamel pin of the games, which is an indispensable instrument for the opening ceremony of each Olympic Games.

In addition, the torch was set to commemorate the soldiers who died in World War I, and the torch relay symbolized the spread of peace and friendship around the world.

To customize the sports cup flag

If you like the games, follow the rules of the games and implement the resolutions of the games. And actively participate in sports to achieve good results, you can apply for a sports cup flag.

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