Custom printed hand held flags

Custom printed hand held flags

Nowadays, the use of hand-held flags is very extensive, people have a lot of demand for various flags, but simple and portable flags are more popular, and the quality requirements of holding flags are also higher and higher.

Whether in life or in sports, the flag can be opened at any time, which is a kind of fashion and quality of life.

Size requirements for holding flags

The company’s customized hand-held flag, whether it is a large number of orders and printing work, we can complete. Enamel pins can also be designed, which may take some production time, but the custom logo has many different names, so it can be completed according to your requirements.

We offer a variety of options. Flag accessories are available, so they can be used in all kinds of situations. Whether you are in the indoor display, in the restricted area of the ground house, or in the open air when the wind is fierce, the visibility of the flag production is very important in busy shopping places.

Colorful and exquisite

Our custom-made hand-held flag, each side is a work of art, every time the creativity is very good, the shape of the flag is simple and atmospheric. Because our designers work hard to make flags, our greatest honor is to make better you have different printed flags.

Moreover, each flag has double stitches, which are tear resistant and not easy to fade. The stitching color of the flag is good-looking and beautiful. We have a quality control department. All our products must go through strict inspection before packing. Therefore, we will be responsible for the quality of flag products.


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We not only guarantee the beauty of product quality, but also wholeheartedly provide you with the most reliable and affordable transportation service. But sometimes international express delivery is highly dependent on local customs and postal services. If you do not receive your items on time, please contact us immediately for further assistance.

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