Custom night hunter owl flag

Custom night hunter owl flag

This is a double-sided printing, the night hunter owl flag. If you see its pattern, you will like it. Owls are found on all continents. Because most owls are nocturnal predators, but they also eat insects, birds and other animals. The head of the owl is very wide, the mouth is short and thick, the front end is hook shaped, the feathers on the front of the head are arranged into a face plate, and some species have ear shaped feathers. The distribution of binocular, face plate and ear feather make the head of this order birds very similar to the cat, so it is called owl.

Morphological characteristics of owl flag

On each flag, the feathers around the owl’s eyes are arranged in a fan-shaped way, forming a face that looks like a cat, so it is called the owl. Because its feathers are mostly brown, patchy, dense and soft, it has no sound when flying. Of course, our owl enamel pins are very beautiful.

The female of an owl is generally larger than the male. The head is big and wide, the mouth is short, and the face can be covered up. At the same time, like many predators, owls have eyes directly in front of their faces, which makes them not only have excellent depth perception ability, but also can see prey in dim light environment.

The speed of owl hunting in the night

Generally speaking, once the owl determines the location of its prey, it will attack quickly. The feathers of owls are very soft, and the feathers on their wings are smooth and thick. Therefore, this silent attack makes owl attack more “Blitzkrieg” effect. According to research, when owls attack prey, their hearing can also play a role in road positioning. This owl flag is a stand on the treetop, ready to hunt.

Do you know where to buy the owl flag?

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