Custom made Olympic flag

Custom made Olympic flag

The Olympic Games are held every four years in a different city in the world. Athletes from different countries, with Olympic flags and Olympic enamel pins, compete in various sports. These sports can be divided into winter sports and summer sports.

Olympic is an international sports competition. Here, athletes need to participate in different events. Some athletes take part in the winter games, some athletes take part in the summer games, and the Olympic Games have an ancient and interesting history.

The origin of the earliest games

The Olympic Games originated in Greece more than 2700 years ago. The first recorded Olympic competition was held in 776 BC. The match was held in an open stadium, with about 40000 people watching. The Olympic Games were held regularly for about 1200 years, and then, in 397 ad, were banned by the Roman emperor.

Until 1896, the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens. Since then, the Olympic Games have been held every four years on a regular basis. The Olympic Games have become the most important sports event in the world, and also a symbol of friendship among people all over the world.

Everyone’s Olympic spirit

The first Olympic Games were first held in Greece in the 6th century BC. The Olympic Games are held every four years. The first one is only held for one day. Besides, there is only one competition, spiritual sprint, and only Greek men can participate. Later, there are more events. The Olympic Games provide a stage for people from different countries to understand each other.

Physical and mental training is essential for the pursuit of the faster, higher and stronger goals of the Olympic Games. I hope more and more athletes can realize this, because the power in their hearts is the most powerful.

Welcome to customize the Olympic flag

We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of a large number of high-quality and low-cost flags. At the same time, we also produce embroidery, lapel pins, commemorative coins, etc. We have digital printing machine and large screen spring machine, which can meet the needs of customers.

As a professional manufacturer for more than 15 years, we are the flag supplier for many games and Olympic Games.

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