Custom made national conference table flags

Custom made national conference table flags

Now, when the United States holds a national meeting, it will use the national flag and put it in the middle of the table. This is the flag of the national meeting, and it is also the symbol of a country.

Because it reflects the political characteristics and historical and cultural traditions of a country through certain styles, colors and patterns. In addition, everyone attending the meeting must wear the national flag enamel pin. On the territory of a sovereign state, it is generally not allowed to fly the flag of another country.

On the origin of the national flag

First of all, as far as the flag function is concerned, each ancient country may have its own logo. Like the most commonly used “star moon flag” in Islamic countries, it was the earliest symbol of the Ottoman Empire.

Second, the flag of each country represents a country’s sense of sovereignty. This is the inevitable result of increasing. The original flag was born in modern Europe. The European ruling class in the Middle Ages used “shield” as the symbol of family. Later, the color of the ribbon and the coat of arms developed into the shape of the national flag.

Third, in an era when the West conquered the world through the sea, as a way of war, you can fly the flag of other countries before approaching another ship and camouflage, but you must raise your own flag before fighting.

Display requirements and usage of national flag

In international exchanges meetings, first of all, it has become a habit to put some national flags on the table, which has been recognized by all countries. Secondly, the national flag should also be hoisted inside or outside the building. Generally, the national flag should be raised at sunrise and lowered at sunset.

Therefore, when it is necessary to raise the national flag, the usual method is to reduce the flag by half, that is, to the top of the flagpole, and then to a place equivalent to one third of the length of the flagpole. Finally, when raising or lowering the national flag, stand up and take off your hat and pay attention to the ceremony. The flag must be raised to the top of the pole.

Welcome to customize the meeting table flag

If you are a patriot, customize your flag. This beautiful national flag is very beautiful. We will bring you unexpected surprise. At the same time, our factory can also customize the flag enamel pin, the price is very favorable. We can also customize the flag soft enamel pins, because there is no minimum order, all are sold to other countries.

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