Custom made multi species Mermaid flags

Custom made multi species Mermaid flags

The mermaid flag made by our company is exquisite in workmanship and lovely in shape. The story of mermaid is a beautiful legend.

It is said that the mermaid is to the waist as the boundary, the upper half of the body is mostly beautiful women, the lower half of the body is the beautiful fish tail in the scale. The whole body is not only attractive, but also easy to escape quickly.

Because they have no soul, they are as mysterious as the sea water; their voice is usually as beautiful as their appearance; they are animals with beautiful love.

It can not only live under water, but also live on dry land for a short time. In people’s imagination, mermaids can be amphibious and even magical.

Legend of mermaid flag

Now, some American researchers say that the mermaid is not just a legend, it does exist in our real world.

Recently, some researchers believe that the mermaid is in the ancient ape era. In the process of evolution into human beings, some ancient anthropoid apes entered the marine life and evolved into anthropoids, with the same ancestors as human beings.

Only in the long and slow evolution of the era, will human forget the mermaid branch, and later become a beautiful legend. As mysterious and beautiful as our Mermaid flag.

Mermaid life record

Because, in many folklore, the story of Mermaid and human marriage are recorded. Most of the time, men steal Mermaid hats, or delicate Mermaid enamel pins, or combs and mirrors.

When these things are properly hidden, young people will go underwater with them and live happily.

Once she found herself lost, she would go back to the sea. In some churches in Cornwall and England, such stories are carved on benches. The pattern is also similar to our Mermaid flag.

Where can I buy a mermaid flag?

High quality life is what everyone wants. If you also like the mermaid flag, come to our company to customize it! Our company to customize the flag, will bring you unexpected good luck.

As the banners are usually printed on fabrics and polyester fibers, and are usually sublimated with dyes on a thin cloth, the effect will be one-sided printing and can be seen on both sides.

At the same time, we have other styles of flags, and the prices are very favorable. Our flags are sold to other countries because of their good quality and low price.

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