Custom made lucky green flag

Custom made lucky green flag

Generally speaking, everything comes into being, that is, when spring comes, some green leaves and flags are planted in the garden, which is really unique.

Because of the moisture in spring, there are thin tender leaves that open in spring. But the trace of falling rain will pull out the first tender leaf bud in the branch, and the green leaf, like a child, timidly explores the world, and then sends out new buds. Wind is the eternal life of leaves. Even if it is small to a leaf, it also shows its own strength. Then spring came like a poem.

Green leaves of spring

The little green leaves are always so pure. For a while, they bring us hope and desire for love. But the leaves in spring are also sad. When autumn comes, the green leaves begin to wither.

Therefore, we should cherish the green leaves in spring. They are always so warm, pour in countless growing sweat and absorb the sweet rain. Even if the calm spring will usher in lightning and rain, the green leaves are also tenacious.

The green flag of spring is very shy, constantly in the romantic spring, and warm flowing wind, showing the most beautiful picture, with vision and hope. Therefore, the green leaf flag and the green leaf enamel pin will be the beautiful spring in my heart.


Spring is the beginning of the year

Spring is coming, the growth of crops is speeding up, and the grass in the soil is waiting for the spring wind to blow. And the hard-working people in the fields, waving the flag of spring green leaves, are creating real spring with their hands.

Spring should be a happy season, but I never feel it. I always like autumn, because I think autumn is a romantic season. I loved summer when I was very young, because I loved the lace of my skirt.

Now I think spring and autumn flowers are the same, I only like the light autumn, only like the light color, golden autumn is elegant, but now I have a different idea, I think spring is beautiful, I like the flowers in the fields and mountains, they make me excited.

Where can I customize the green leaf flag?

If you like the green leaf flag, come to our company. We can make beautiful green leaf flag. For each garden, it is very happy to plant the green leaf flag, and it is more valuable to improve the artistic value of our own garden. Our flags are all designed by designers, so the quality is high. Similarly, the price of other flags customized in our factory is also very favorable. Therefore, there is no minimum order, all are full price.

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