Custom made loyal dog flags


Custom made loyal dog flags

Lovely dog flag, is a favorite decoration of children, human friend dog is our faithful friend, dog’s flag, you will like it.

I have a dog. He is my favorite pet. The pet dog is very cute. His name is Peter. His fur is not only long and white, but also has big black eyes.

The dog’s nose is very good and has a good sense of smell. He is very young. He weighs about two kilos. Peter’s favorite food is meat. He likes bones, too.

The life of the most loyal dog

In this world, the loyalty of the dog is the most unquestionable, the dog is the owner in the heart of the first. No matter the owner is rich or poor, he always looks at the master as very important. Even if the master is in trouble, he will never give up his master. Some people like dogs more than dogs.

People keep dogs, just need a simple, kind and loyal friend. Because the human world is too complex, people need dogs to comfort themselves. And the feelings between people are complex, only permanent interests, no permanent friends.

Many friends have changed their faces at the moment of interest. Maybe it is not easy for us to live. If the water is clean, there will be no fish. This is understandable. But cute dog flags are indispensable.

The exquisite modeling of dog flag

The most important thing is that these lovely dog flags are printed so lifelike by the designer’s skillful hands. The head of these puppies is lifelike, like a toy. They have a pair of watery eyes, a small black bean like nose, sensitive ears, and a long small tail.

Big eyes reveal joy, tongue, cartoon dog design and depiction of vivid and delicate. Chubby, fleshy, so cute!

Come and make a lovely dog flag

If you are a dog lover, how can you lose the dog’s flag? Come and customize the dog’s flag. This exquisite dog flag is very beautiful. Our hard work will bring you unexpected happiness.

At the same time, we can also customize our factory, other dog enamel pin, the price is very favorable. Because there is no minimum order, all kinds of flags in our factory sell well to other countries.

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