Custom made happy birthday flags

Custom made happy birthday flags

In my opinion, everyone’s life is wonderful, so reward yourself with a flag of happiness. Birthday is the footprints on the road of growth, and life is composed of these footprints.

So when you blow out the candles on the birthday cake, you should make a wish to show your talent.

Because of the birthday every year, the children like to have parties, because it’s so happy to be able to accomplish so many great things with so many interesting people.

My favorite parents

Of course, to let children really feel the love of their parents, enjoy the harmony and warmth of the family, and live in the most beautiful sunshine. When celebrating a child’s birthday, a birthday flag is hung on the wall to create a family culture, which is a good way to enhance the family atmosphere.

Because in order to let the child leave a good memory, therefore, we will use the beautiful and beautiful flag to hold this interesting, novel, lively and happy birthday party for your child.

I love birthdays

Every year, I celebrate my birthday with my family and friends. Every year, I hold a small birthday party and invite my friends over. We chat and play a lot of games together.

And I like birthday cake and cake enamel pins, and presents from my parents and friends. But on the other hand, I also know that every birthday, children will be one year older. This means that you should be more responsible for yourself and have a strong sense of it. Of course, I should thank my parents, I know they have done their best to bring us up.

The cake was covered with birthday flags

In short, the custom of lighting a candle and putting a flag on a cake on a child’s birthday originated from the Greeks. The Greeks lit small candles and birthday flags on the moonlike cakes and placed them on the altar of Artemis, the God of the moon.

According to traditional folk beliefs, candles lit on birthdays have magical power to make wishes come true.

Therefore, since human beings began to set up altars to offer sacrifices to gods, lighting small candles or lighting sacrificial fire has a mysterious special significance. Lighting a birthday candle is a tribute to a child who has a birthday and can bring good luck to the child. Congratulation and blessing are indispensable.

How to buy a birthday flag?

First of all, we design flags for children, just like designing a great building. Secondly, the beautiful printed flag is more like a huge sculpture of life. Therefore, compared with other companies, our company to wholesale prices, the production of customized flags, so the turnover time is fast, quality assurance! Wholesale price is cheap, there is no minimum order.

Welcome to customize the flag of happy birthday, and sincerely send you our best wishes.

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