Custom made flag of world famous painting sunflower

Custom made flag of world famous painting sunflower

Van Gogh’s sunflower flag, many people like it. Sunflower is a Dutch painter, Vincent Van Gogh used canvas oil painting to create a series of still life painting themes. There are three similar paintings in sunflower paintings. There are 15 sunflowers in the vase.

In August 1888, while living in Arle southern France, Van Gogh painted the first vase with Twelve Sunflowers,

Therefore, later similar paintings were completed in January of the following year. These paintings are all drawn on the canvas of. In 1887, a group of early still life paintings of sunflowers was exhibited in Paris.

Artistic conception of famous paintings

Van Gogh began painting in the late summer of 1888. At that time, he went to decorate the bedroom of his friend Paul Gauguin. These paintings show the stages of sunflowers from blooming to withering. And the newly invented yellow pigment is because the newly invented pigment is used for painting.

In a letter to his brother Theo, Van Gogh wrote: the sunflowers are to some extent mine. On March 31, 1987, at the Christie’s auction in London, the Japanese insurance tycoon, goto, bought Van Gogh’s still life: Fifteen sunflower vases for $39921750.

At Christie’s in London, even those who were not interested in art knew about Van Gogh’s “sunflower” series, which set a historical record for art at that time.

World famous paintings auctioned

The price is more than four times the record of about $12 million before Andrea Mantegna worshipped Maggie in 1985. A few months later, Alan bond broke the record by buying another Van Gogh “iris” for $53.9 million at Sotheby’s in New York on November 11, 1987.

Although it is not clear that Mr. goto himself bought the painting on behalf of his company, Yasuda fire and marine insurance company of Japan, the painting is currently kept at the Jingtian Modern Art Museum in Togo, Tokyo. After the purchase, a controversy arose as to whether it was a real Van Gogh or a fake Emil shufeneck.

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