Custom made Castle Garden Flags

Custom made Castle Garden Flags

The castle and its flag are an indisputable feature of the bright garden landscape. Beautiful garden Castle must be decorated with flags.

You must be familiar with castles. They are all the origins of castles, do you know? Today, I’m going to talk about the Chateau on the Rhine River, which dates back to the middle ages. There are also beautiful castles with enamel pins as souvenirs.

Their founding fathers were feudal overlords. They had no idea of cherishing anything at all, and they took their land from plunderers and plunderers.

The glory and desolation of the castle

Now, when we look back on the haze of the Middle Ages in the 1990s, we still tend to regard castles as mysterious and glorious objects, and forget their wars. First of all, they were the work of feudal serfs. We can think that serfs were forced to mine huge stones, drag them up the hillside, and finally build castles.

The role of the Rhine

Since Roman times, the Rhine basin has been a strategic importance. In the middle ages, the German emperors often used it to enter Italy, where wealthy merchants transported their goods. It was obvious that anyone with a castle overlooking the valley was in a good position because he could investigate and manage the traffic flow through his specific area and collect tolls from merchants.

There are plenty of castles along the Rhine from Mainz to Bonn, especially in the narrow canyon between Bingen and Bonn. Just 35 miles along the river, there are more castles than any other Valley in the world.

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