Custom made beautiful coral flag

Custom made beautiful coral flag

Beautiful coral is the treasure of the ocean, and the beautiful coral flag is our best decoration.

There is a mysterious place on earth that people yearn for endlessly. That’s the sea. What’s more, the coral reefs in the undersea world are dazzling, which breed countless marine life.

Today, follow our coral flag to learn about the red coral that is moving away from us.

The appearance of corals

The oldest marine life on earth is coral, which appeared 500 million years ago. Because corals grow on reefs, many people think that corals are plants. In fact, from a biological point of view, corals are animals.

They are made up of countless tiny corals. So corals are coelenterates. They are small and beautiful, just like our custom-made coral flags and coral enamel pins.

Although corals are called undersea rainforests, they accumulate as they secrete lime to form bones. So the corals we can see are orange and have beautiful antennae, but in fact, today’s reefs are slowly turning white.

The importance of the environment to corals

The role of coral reefs is to defend against predators and provide shelter for other corals. There are millions of coral reefs, or coral reefs, that live around them.

However, in recent years, environmental pollution has brought great threat to coral reefs all over the world. Therefore, each of us should take good care of the environment.

You have to make a custom coral flag

If we don’t stop destroying the environment, then we can only see red coral on the flag.

Because corals are home to more than a quarter of marine life in the world, the huge biodiversity in coral reefs is of great help to the development of medicine. Therefore, we must take good care of the earth.

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