Custom loyal elephant flag

Custom loyal elephant flag

Elephants are loyal and lovely animals. Smart people have elephant flags. Elephant is a mammal, not only the best friend of human, but also can help human to do many things. Elephants are very intelligent animals,

Now, of course, elephants mainly include Asian elephants and African elephants. They all live in tropical forests or grasslands. A group of elephants, led by a female elephant, have no fixed living position.

I love elephants

My favorite animal is elephant, because I think they are so agile and friendly. Now most of them live in the South and Southeast Asia. We can also be on TV or in the zoo. They have long noses, big ears and short tails. Although they are too heavy, they run fast. Elephants eat leaves and bananas. They like to walk slowly and play in the water. I like elephants. I want to be as strong as them so I can protect my family.

The distribution of lovely elephants

Elephants are widely distributed in the tropics of Africa, Southeast Asia and subtropics. Elephants are also found along the southern border of China; they are mainly found in India and Thailand. There are also some wild populations in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, China. African elephants like to live in Africa. They like to live in groups.

The customs of elephant life

Because elephants are social animals, the female is the head of the family. First of all, elephants must have daily activities and routes of action, and then there must be places for foraging and habitat. These are directed by female elephants. In the end, the adult bull elephant only bears the responsibility of protecting the family safety. Sometimes there are several elephants together, sometimes there are hundreds of them together,

How can I buy a beautiful elephant flag?

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