Custom large ads and flags

Custom large ads and flags

The giant banner is often used in our life, and we need to use it when advertising, because it is the best display props for outdoor exhibitions. Because the modern flag has no shape requirements, so most of them are already very large rectangular.

Large billboards can be extended in both wind and no wind for us to watch; on the beach, the grass is inserted with a drill rod, and the cement floor is equipped with cross base, water bag or sandbag.

Large flags of various colors

Although the banner itself has been able to attract people’s attention, it is doubly effective when you create a design that suits your needs and achieves any purpose.

The first key consideration in your design is to use the colors you want to use, which can be shiny enough to be popular, especially outdoors.

All in all, you use our best customized flag to convey your creativity to a better life. Advertise your business, print your favorite pictures, or make a great hanging decoration.

Of course, these flags are printed in both single and double-sided banners and promote your small business through eye-catching custom advertising banners, custom desktop displays, and custom backgrounds. We’ll make the right impression for you.

Characteristics of large flags

First, big flag is our main product. We even export it every day.

Second, because the giant flag is mainly used in sports, activities, parties, advertising, promotion and so on. So it can display your brand, logo, company and store very well.

Third, the big flag is very popular in the world, so it is very popular.

Fourth, we serve you with first-class quality, best service and preferential price.

Why choose us?

1. We are the supplier of 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 South Africa World Cup, 2012 London Olympic Games and 2014 Brazil World Cup;

2. We have more than 10 years of professional and export experience;

3. Our company has passed SGS, TUV and its certification.

At the same time, we also produce lapel pins, commemorative coins, etc. And there are digital printing press and large screen spring press, which can meet the needs of customers.


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