Custom house door flags

Custom house door flag

After all, home is the warmest place in our life, so we love it. Although you have worked hard all day, when you come home and see the beautiful flag on the door, you will feel much more relaxed immediately.

Although there is a person who loves you and waits for you to go home, there is a flag on the door, which is more warm. Love is not expressed by words, but from the heart. With a cup of coffee and a beautiful flag on the door, your whole heart will be attracted by you, fascinated by him, and can return to the warm home every minute.

Making of gate flag

Because the gate flag refers to the cloth with specific colors and beautiful patterns hanging on the door. “Flag” refers to a piece of cloth with equal horizontal line, which is the national symbol of ancient western countries. A home, there is a flag, there will be warmth, it always makes you excited, heart rate faster.

As you and your lover together, you will feel warm and safe, you will contact him, at the same time, you will use all your love to bring him the greatest happiness, so in this process, the exquisite flag and flag enamel pin, will give you another kind of happiness!

Business scope of our company

As each of our products is printed with high technology, it can be used for a long time. Our advantage is that the high-quality ink from the United States, clear images, high-speed and accurate camera from Japan, high-temperature processing of the products, so that the color of the flag remains bright and lustrous, not fading. Our goal is to continuously innovate and provide the best products and services for our customers.

How can I get a beautiful flag?

We put beautiful flags on the designed doors, and each flag is like a work of art. For American families, it is a very happy thing to see the flag flying on the door. It also has far-reaching significance and the most beautiful artistic value.

If you like, our company can do it for you. The enamel pin of the gate flag style and our exquisite flag are all carefully designed by the designer. Our factory can customize the flag of each company, and the price is very favorable. So there is no minimum order, it’s all full price.

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