Custom high-quality feather flag

Custom high quality feather flag

There are many kinds of flags, including teardrop flags and custom feather flags, which provide the flexibility needed. In the open, they are pegged to the bottom. Alternatively, use a square or cross base indoors or outdoors, or with extended legs. If it is used outdoors with strong wind or indoors with too many visitors, weighted water bags or sandbags will help to stabilize these foundations.

Printed flag

The pattern printing of feather flag is printed on the flag by a printing method commonly known as dye sublimation. Through dye sublimation printing, the material is heated, and then dyed with ink or dye of each color, forming the finished image of the flag one layer at a time. Our custom embroidered patches can also be processed into enamel pins and commemorative coins. Small order is acceptable, no minimum order.

What are the advantages of the brand

When our customized flag logo is used in your booth, your use may be correct and you will stand out from all the people around you. The typical design is to have a feather shaped flag on both sides of your sales space. Vinyl banners are tied to your top. Your position will attract more audiences, but the photos of your products on the indicator light will start to create instantaneity, rather than let your customers guess, let them know what must be provided, and then they will choose you.

The difference is the advantage of flag fabric

The sealing interlining is a double-sided flag, a third layer of material between two printing surfaces. It negates the shadow of one layer of design, behind another. This extra layer leads to a very heavy flag, which is not 100% effective at all times. If you want to ensure a dynamic environment, then the closed lining can change the colors of different flags.

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