Custom hardworking bee Garden Flag

Custom hardworking bee Garden Flag

In a flower garden, there are lovely little bee flags everywhere, which will improve the beauty of your garden. Bees, belonging to Hymenoptera, honeybee family. Bee is a social insect, which is composed of queen bee, drone and worker bee. There are many kinds of bees, including small bee, big bee, black bee, Sabah bee, suwerasi bee, green slave bee, western bee and Oriental bee. The first four species are wild bee species, which are distributed in Hainan, Guangxi and Yunnan of China. The latter two species include many subspecies, most of which are natural subspecies isolated by geography, and most of the bee varieties selected by artificial breeding are hybrids.

Characteristics of little bee Garden Flag

A colorful little bee Garden Flag flutters in the wind. Because of its small size, round belly and long kiss, it can be used to pollinate red clover. The chitin color of the web is bright, and the front part of the 2-4 sections of the back plate of the abdominal section has a yellow band.

Because of the lovely little bee’s gentle disposition, we like it very much. But the resistance of honeybee is weak, so we need honeybee colony to spend the winter together. At the same time, he is an expert in collecting honey, so under the condition of good flow of honey, bees can show particularly superior collection power.

Hardworking little bee

Bee is a friend of human beings, and also the most hardworking in nature. In the flowering season, bees gather flowers to make honey. Honey is very difficult to brew. If you want to brew a kilogram of honey, you must collect raw materials from one million flowers. Just like our human beings are like little bee flags, we should keep learning and improving.

Every little bee has a very sharp thorn. As soon as an enemy invades them, they will use it to pierce them. Therefore, the little bee itself will die, because its organs are all connected with the thorn. If that thorn is stabbed in someone else’s body, it means that the little bee will die. This is what we humans need to learn!

Where to buy hardworking bee flag

If you love life, are a hard-working person, but also like the small bee flag, then come to our company to buy, this small bee Garden Flag, will bring vitality to your garden. We can also customize it to be a little bee lapel pin. The price is also very favorable. Our garden flags are sold well to other countries, so please feel free to buy them.

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