Custom flute playing youth flag

Custom flute playing youth flag

This is the work of French impressionist painter Edward MANET. It was created in 1866 and has been collected by the Musee d’Orsay in Paris.

In home decoration, different kinds of flags and lapel pins are very popular, and suitable for many consumer groups. There are many kinds of flags. I think it’s very fun to create your own amazing family art, because home is the most warm place and can cure all kinds of injuries.

Please enjoy the flag with me

The young soldier of the guard band is playing the piccolo. The young man in the picture stands with his right foot as the center of gravity, his left leg stretches outwards, his upper body leans to the left naturally, his fingers press on the holes of the instrument, and the melodious notes flow out. He looks special and carefully plays a wooden flute.

The whole picture has reached the unity of shape and color. There is no shadow, no horizon, no outline in the painting. The painting is based on the minimum level of subject, which negates the profound sense of three-dimensional space. We can also make this painting into custom enamel pins and embroidery.

Manet’s painting style

This painting of a young flute player should belong to the style of classical realism. The details of his characters are quite realistic, but Manette is classified as Impressionist because of his painting theme and open mind. He regularly sent his painting to the exhibition of the official salon in Paris. Critics at that time accused the painting of lacking in rough and simple, but MANET challenged the traditional concept.

Do you want this flag for a boy playing flute?

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