December 7, 2018

Custom Print Flags

Design Your Custom Flags

Our company’s foreign customers have exchanges all year round, and our products are well recognized by people from all walks of life. The process of flag processing belongs to environmental protection and high-quality products. Upholding the principle of customer first, we will establish long-term and mutually beneficial cooperative relationship with our customers with excellent products and excellent service quality.
We specialize in the production of national flags, flags, logo flags, military flags, coloured flags, string flags, pirate flags, beach flags, table flags, hanging flags, advertising flags, competition flags and other series!
At the same time, enterprise logo flag, company flag and super large flag are ordered. Our flag is made of advanced flag manufacturing technology and various series of patterns.
We can make different varieties, different sizes, different specifications, different uses and so on.
Flag color fastness, accurate coloring, strong wind resistance, elegant feeling, rich color performance, can print complex patterns, with corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, fire prevention, waterproof, with the characteristics of durable color.
Printing with watermarking, paint, embroidery, heat transfer printing, etc., can be produced, the quality of the work is excellent, the price is reasonable.
Material selection: plain polyester, knitted polyester, Oxford cloth, nylon cloth, dyed polyester, etc.
Flagpole can be made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy, wood, bamboo, plastic, copper and other materials.