Custom flag for Jesus to herd sheep

Custom flag for Jesus to herd sheep

Many people choose to like all kinds of famous flags because they are the most beautiful decorations in the family. In home decoration, it is very popular. Different kinds of flags and lapel pins are suitable for many consumer groups. There are many kinds of flags. I think it’s very fun to create your own amazing family art, because home is the most warm place and can cure all kinds of injuries.

The story of Jesus’ shepherd flag

First of all, it’s a metaphor that Jesus does not really let him herd sheep. Jesus is the Savior, and human beings are sheep, so Jesus is protecting human beings just like shepherds.

Secondly, there is a popular saying in Christianity that Jesus was a sacrifice lamb, because at that time, the sacrifice was a lamb, and Jesus sacrificed himself to save people. Finally, there is another saying that Jesus was found by shepherds when he was born, and was told by angels that he was the Savior.

See the Enlightenment from the flag

Jesus once compared himself to a shepherd, and a good shepherd. Why did Jesus so confidently compare himself to a good shepherd? For his flock is a Christian. Jesus loved the world and even offered himself as a sacrifice to eliminate human sin. His sacrifice shows that Jesus is a good shepherd.

To customize the banner of Jesus

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