Custom film advertising and flags

Custom film advertising and flags

The movie is everyone’s favorite, and the film flag is indispensable for the promotion of film. The combination of active photography and slide show technology is not only a continuous image, but also a modern art of vision and hearing.

At the same time, film is also a modern science and technology that can accommodate photography, enamel pins, music, dance, etc., as well as a complex of performance art.

The origin of the earliest film

Today, I tell a little story. One day in 1872, in a hotel in California, the United States, Stanford and Cohen had a fierce dispute: the reason is whether the hooves of the horse run on the ground. Stanford thinks that the four hoofs of a running horse are empty at the moment of jumping. However, Cohen thinks that one hoof always lands on the ground when the horse runs.

Later, the outcome of the dispute could not be convinced by anyone, so they took the usual American way to bet to solve the problem.

They invited a good horse trainer to make the decision, but the referee was also difficult to determine who was right. That’s normal, because it’s really hard to see how a fast running horse’s hooves move with the eyes alone.

The reason is also difficult for the referee to judge. According to this group of photos taken when the horse is running, it can be seen that all the hooves of the horse are empty when running. However, this bet and its unique method of judgment have aroused great interest.

My favourite movies

I have watched a film named Harry Potty,the famous movie around the world.
It says that harry potter was a poor boy and he never saw his parents.he lived with his uncle .

They were not good to him .Then he entered a magic school .he learned magic there and met his friends .

some bad people wanted to kill him.he experienced a lot ,.but he finally defeated enimies.

Choose our company to customize the movie flag

A wonderful movie can not only relax your mood, but also be a wonderful memory. If you like watching movies, how can you not have a movie flag? To customize a variety of movie flags, we are very beautiful.

At the same time, we have many other flags and lapel pins, and the prices are very favorable. Because our flags are sold to other countries, because there is no minimum order quantity and the quality is excellent.

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