Custom diversity Knife flags

Custom diversity Knife flags

Knife flag is also called Knife flag, street lamp Knife flag and advertisement flag. Knife flag is generally set around the venue and outside the main road, auxiliary road and access road of the road. Can establish the advertiser brand effect in the short term.

In particular, the advantages of its own geographical advantages, long-term impact on the audience’s vision, so through daily contact, in the audience’s subconscious, set up the brand awareness of the advertisement.

The sealing interlining is a double-sided flag, which is the third layer of material between two printing surfaces. It negates the shadow behind one layer of design. This extra layer leads to a very heavy logo, which is not 100% effective at all times. If you want to ensure a dynamic environment, closing the lining can change the color of different signs.

Production materials of advertising flags

Generally, Sabre flags are painted with Baoli cloth, outdoor photo cloth, and heat transfer banner cloth. It can be used for single spray single look, single spray double look, double spray double look and other effects, as well as full elastic polyester or Oxford fabric, using high-temperature disperse dye through printing process:

The pattern printing of feather flag is printed on the flag by the printing method commonly known as dye sublimation. Through dye sublimation printing, the material is heated, and then dyed with ink or dye of each color to form the finished image of the national flag one layer at a time.

Our customized knife and flag can also be processed into enamel pins and commemorative coins. Small orders are acceptable, there is no minimum order.

The advantage of advertising

First, since street lights are indispensable lighting devices in road traffic, and directly interact with the travel of advertising audience groups, the direct advantage of Daoqi media is the mandatory acceptance of advertising media.

Second, it has a strong and lasting impact on the audience.

Third, it is easy to establish the brand effect of advertisers in the short term.

Do you want the flag of diversity?

If you want to customize, exquisite advertising knife flag, then come to our company, exquisite shape, high-quality fabric, fast delivery, excellent quality, this is the flag you want most.

At the same time, we can also customize knife flag enamel pin, the price is also very favorable. Our various flag products, because there is no minimum order, are sold to other countries.


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