Custom different styles of hand flags

Customize different styles of hand flags

When we are happy at a happy party or sports meeting, we are like a flag waving with our hands. The flag is a language. You can write down what you want to say and many blessings. There are many kinds of hand flags, which are made of cloth, paper, silk or other materials. Flags are mostly rectangular or square, with beautiful patterns and bright colors.

Banner slogan

Qi language is a major means of communication in ancient times, and now it has become a common language used by navies all over the world. Different flags and different flag groups have different meanings. Flag banners are suitable for daytime, close range and good sight distance. The distance at night is short and optical communication is generally used.

The hand flag is a small square flag with a stick at its root. Two flags are required for flag communication. The signalman held a flag in each hand and stood higher and more prominent on the side. Different letters and symbols are expressed by different positions of the flag relative to the body.

Introduction to international flag signal

When the communication starts first, the sending ship hangs the letter flag “J” on the top of the flag rope. Then, when the receiving ship saw the “J” flag, it also hung the “J” flag, indicating that it was ready to start hand flag communication.

Banner language is a kind of communication method that uses hand flag or flag to transmit signals. It can be divided into single flag and double flag, also known as “hand flag signal” or “hand flag communication”. When the distance is long, the binoculars or telescopes can be used to enlarge the sight distance.

Use of each flag

Because the shape of the hand flag is very small, it must be used in the daytime and has a good sight distance. Signalmen must wear military enamel pins and stand in a high place with a wide area around them. There is no place to block the vision of the other party or the other party. And face to the front, and hold a hand flag at the same time, arm straight, arm and signal flag into a straight line, in order to maximize the arc range of hand flag waving, so that the other signal soldiers can clearly see their own actions.

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