Custom designed roller shutter flags

Custom designed roller shutter flags

Now, due to the convenience of carrying the rolling curtain flag, many businesses will choose the rolling curtain flag as a form of advertising.

Usually, we need to know the product name, size, material and quantity when passing by, so the processing time will be shortened. If you have uncertain flag information and color, don’t worry, we will give you the best advice.

What are the advantages of choosing the perfect

First, we not only have art templates, but also many high-quality art templates for flag products. We can provide you with art templates to create your own art flags.

Second, you can contact us for templates. And you can also customize the logo for your special template.

Third, there are many features of the roller shutter flag. There are standard art files, and the third is vector format. Third, if you have non vector formats, such as. JPEG,. BMP,. GIF,. PSD, please ensure that the resolution is high enough. We also have designers who can help you create your own art.

The company has the best transportation service

We are a one-stop shop for custom flags and flag enamel pins to save money. How to customize? It’s very simple. Just send us the request via email or im tool, and we will reply soon.

If you don’t know what you want, don’t worry. Just tell us what you need and where you can use them. We will give you the best advice and we can make samples for free.

Advantages of free design flag

Soft texture, good handle, smooth surface and good flexibility, and good air permeability. Flag bright high-grade, perfect after-sales service, so fast delivery, quality assurance

We have been producing products for 15 years. We have been committed to improve our production line technology, to provide the best quality products and services. Welcome to visit our factory.

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