Custom company flag

Custom company flag

Enterprise advertising banner is to make everyone familiar with your brand with a good way of publicity, which is the function of outdoor advertising enterprise banner and banner. From a simple flag, you can see a corporate logo, or a complex two-sided flag, to show your brand and marketing information. Corporate flags are not size sensitive, as long as they can be seen and easily attract people’s attention.

The style of corporate flag

No matter on the mountain or on the road with landscape, the distance between the flag and the flag, the flag with arm length, or the customized outline and shape of the flag, no matter what style you need, we can make it. Both digital printing and screen printing can be customized according to the needs of customers. Most of the fabrics we use to make flags are knitted polyester 110g and spun polyester 160g, which can be sewn on one side and two sides.

What are our strengths?

We have been engaged in flag and banner business for more than 10 years. Our custom of making flags is from all over the world. Our main customers are big flag dealers and small flag printing companies. Therefore, we have rich experience in flag and banner and have carried out various kinds of sorting. We also produce all kinds of flagpoles and bases by ourselves, so the quality of flagpoles and flagpoles is very good, and the price is very favorable. We have fast delivery, the best service, the best quality, the best color, to achieve 100% color penetration.

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