Custom colorful street light flags

Custom colorful street light flags

As a city, no matter at night or in cloudy days, bright street lights and flags can provide appropriate brightness for pedestrians and vehicles; therefore, drivers can see the direction of the road in advance.

In addition, it can also bring a sense of safety to pedestrians and traffic, curb crime and improve public security. Nature can also give the city a beautiful impression.

The making of street light flag

Our designers are here to help you create the style and type of street light you need. Whether it’s from your brand and logo, to your company, conference, etc. There is no lack of a beautiful street lamp flag. Our technical innovation team can do all this.

Placement of street lights and flags

First, the lighting level of the level crossing shall be higher than that of each road leading to the crossing, and there shall be sufficient environmental lighting;

Second, the intersection can adopt different color light sources, different shapes of lamps, different installation heights or different light distribution methods;

Fourth, according to the specific situation of the crossing road, the lighting of the crossing road can be arranged on one side, staggered or symmetrical.

Fourth, finally, we can also install and produce bright lights and road flags at large intersections.

Would you like to customize the street light flag?

We are a professional manufacturer of high quality and low price street lamp flags. At the same time, we also produce embroidery, lapel pins, commemorative coins, etc. We have digital printing machine and large screen spring machine, which can meet the needs of customers.

Our company not only has a large area, but also has a mature production line, experienced designers, and, of course, a professional export team to ensure the high quality of products and perfect services. As a professional manufacturer for more than 15 years, we are the flag supplier for many games and Olympic Games.

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