Custom color wall flag

Custom color wall flag

We are a professional advertising product manufacturer, especially custom wall flag and beach flag. After more than ten years of rapid development, at present, we have a set of advanced equipment and more than 50 experienced employees. We have a large production range covering vinyl banners, PVC banners, net fences, beach flags, custom flags, car stickers and rolled up banners. Welcome The presence of.

Quality and shape of wall flag

The wall flag can be made into single-sided or double-sided printing. The single-sided printing can be seen through from the back, and the back is mirror image; the double-sided printing has the seal inner lining sewn in, which can not be seen through. Each flag has double stitches, which are tear resistant and not easy to fade. The color of the flag’s stitches is good-looking and beautiful. We have quality control department. All our products must pass strict inspection before packing. Therefore, we will be responsible for the quality of our products.

Please believe in our production capacity

We believe that after the first business, you will be very happy to think that we are the best partner for your advertising products. Because we are manufacturers, not trading companies, so we guarantee that all products quality stability, price concessions. At the same time, it can also be made into a flag enamel pin, of course, it will be more beautiful.

Come and contact us

We are not only beautiful leopard products, but also dedicated to provide you with the most reliable and affordable transportation services. But sometimes international express delivery is highly dependent on local customs and postal services. If you do not receive your item on time, please contact us immediately for further assistance.

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