Custom beer house flag

Custom beer house flag

In the hot summer, when I see a flag for a beer house not far away, it will cool down a lot. Beer is made from malt and malt by liquid fermentation. These beers are fermented drinks made from a variety of grains. First, they are produced from African countries, and later, all countries in the world produce beer. So ancient Romans loved beer very much. But because they thought beer was the drink of barbarians, ancient Romans generally liked wine.

The beautiful legend of beer

The world’s oldest stories, legends, ancient Sumerian heroic deeds, as well as the scene of heroic sacrifice. Epic also involves the earliest legend of beer. In the story, one of the hero’s girlfriends, with seven beers and a flag, turns a wild beast into a gentle man, gradually becoming very elegant.

Inheritance of beer brewing

Because of the brewers in ancient times, there is no good method of preservation and filtering tools, so the beer is turbid and easy to go bad. As a result, the monks in medieval Europe introduced scientific beer brewing technology. In this way, they made nutritious drinks to supplement their poor diet.

The development of beer in the world

The origin of beer is closely related to the origin of grain. It has been more than 8000 years since people used grain to make alcoholic beverages. The oldest wine literature records that the Babylonians carved clay plates and sacrificed beer 6000 BC. In the Mesopotamia region in 4000 BC, 16 kinds of beers have been made from barley, wheat and honey.

Welcome to customize the beer flag

After a hard day’s work, find a tavern with a beer flag. You can really relax. As a matter of fact, beer is a must-have drink for young people who are full of blood. Besides, they also have the most beautiful beer enamel pins, which are also men’s favorite clothing accessories. So the custom beer flag came to us.

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