Courtship flag

Telling love flag

There is a flag that can tell love. My world has a different color because of your existence. No matter how rough the future may be, you will stay with me in the end.

Originally should be passionate feelings, in the vigorous and vigorous song, we can only face each other in the distant, talking about their lives.

Courtship flag

Courtship flag

There is a flag, you can place your thoughts on. I don\’t know which time, I especially envy the people around you, they have the opportunity, although strangers pass by with you, also let me envy very much. Suddenly I feel that the expression of words is pale and weak.

When you lie at night listening to the wind and rain, Bashan is you, and the glacier is you. Like you, has become an indispensable thing in life. Thank you for being with me all the time.

There is a flag that can connect you with me. Every night\’s whisper makes one feel that the heart suddenly becomes soft. As time goes by in such a hurry and the sea of people is so vast, I still think that I can see your eyebrows as soon as I look up. As I can see, a gentle note, even if the most ordinary water is long, will ripple with happiness because of your company around me.

There is a flag called Lucky Accompanying. Know you, meet you, have spent all my luck, thank you for meeting, thank you for having, thank you for having!

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