Clown Bucky Flag

Clown Bucky Flag

Bucky, the clown, is one of the ugliest characters in the flag of the king of pirates. He is a selfish and ruthless pirate with the pleasure of abusing the weak.

He used “Baki shells” to indiscriminately bomb towns because of his momentary anger. Later, when Lufei bounced the “Baki bullet” back, Baki let two of his men use it as a shield to protect themselves. This kind of behavior attracted many people who criticized him.

The Pakistan in our flag is also lovely. When Roger, the former captain, was executed, his face was full of tears, which shows that he also valued the people who really respected him.

He was the captain of the Baki Pirates Regiment and later helped Luffy escape from prison in the Promotion City. After the war on the top, Baki was invited to become one of the world’s flag jurisdictions. The ability of “splitting fruit in four parts” can split human body, control the parts of splitting body to fly to the enemy, but the feet must be on the flag, and other parts must be centered on the feet and controlled within a certain range.

Later, after entering the great waterway, Baki began to search for legendary treasures. During his voyage in the great waterway, he pulled the flag on the boat and held a party. The smell of food led the passing “Fire Fist” Ais to the boat.

Baki and Ais had a surprising agreement, and they became even better friends. However, in the process of searching for treasure, Baki’s Party tried to break into the mine by mistake, and then was arrested for breaking into a secret flag base of the navy. He was put in a large submarine prison. After his arrest in Pakistan, his men tried to rob the prison, but they were forced to give up under the threat of acting captain Arlita.

Every pirate king’s flag and emblem is a classic. Every flag and emblem has a wonderful story. Keep an eye on us!

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