Classics of Beautiful Girl’s Flag

Classics of Beautiful Girl’s Flag

Beginning with The Beautiful Girl Soldier, many parts of the country began to make sailor uniforms and combat flags according to gourd painted ladles. Many schools, including many others, have begun to follow suit.

Naoko Wu refers to the 1950s style, borrowed directly from the flag of the seafarer’s uniform, white, blue and red, the color matching is clear enough, plus the most popular profile of Neew Look at that time, so that it can be classic and durable.

How could Naoko Wunei think of such a distinctive hairstyle with such a long ponytail and a double bun head in the flag of a beautiful girl? It is said that the author loved to comb such double stuffed heads when he was studying in university, which was Chinese style and cartoon enough.

In a bunch of beautiful girl fighters, do you recognize them quickly by the color of your hair? The idea of using color hairstyles in the banner to create a dream of the future is probably borrowed from Mugler’s 1991 Spring and Summer Show.

Aino Menezo wore the same Chanel navel suit and battle flag, as well as the brooch in her swimsuit, which fitted with the metal leather chain in Chanel’s bag. When the girl fighters show off their amorous feelings, they will choose Versace with unconstrained and super-structured sense. Unlike our flag, Naoko Wu actually identified the most representative features of the design, and then changed them to be more acceptable to girls.

Naoko Wu’s fashion is intuitive and very interesting, just like the top flag, Neptune and Uranus are the roles of Lala, which she recognized when she saw a large magazine. Also, the righteous wear Chanel, the famous, and the evil wear Mugler. Did you find these little secrets?

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