Cetacean Wall Flag

The Wall Flag from Cetacean

The wall flag from the constellation Cetacean contains part of the future interstellar journey of human life. Cetacean T planet E.

It is not only an important goal for future astronomers to search for extraterrestrial life.

In 2012, 11.9 light-years from Earth was discovered.

At least 4.3 times the mass of the earth.

Its temperature may be slightly hot and suitable for the survival of simple organisms.

Or hot as Venus.

But it doesn\’t matter. Our badge is hard and not afraid of high temperature.

The celestial wall flag of Cetacean is not only a favorite of future astronomers.

It is also an important coordinate point for searching for extraterrestrial life.

Paul Gist, one of the founders of the Tau Zero Foundation Medal, points out that

With the current technology, it is impossible to build spacecraft for interstellar travel.

Cetacean Wall Flag

Cetacean Wall Flag

At present, it can not satisfy certain energy and speed.

But I believe that in the near future, Star Trek spacecraft will have a place for our badges and custom embroidery patches. These will become reality.

In the starry sky visible to the naked eye, there is the image of the Ceti flag.

But scientists need to measure its distance from us in a more precise way.

Dr. Medal said: “We realize that we can see differences in the activity of stars at different wavelengths and use this information.

This activity can be studied separately from planetary signals.

The “coloured flag” can fly in space by laser beam or microwave propulsion.

Being able to reach one tenth of the speed of light means it takes more than 100 years to reach Cetacea T. Gist pointed out that the badge antimatter can also be used to achieve “the most cost-effective speed”.

But it is still not possible to produce enough antimatter as interstellar fuel.

In addition, how to store antimatter and, in a hypothetical antimatter engine,

Controlling antimatter reactions is very difficult to achieve, and we need to add our badge material to achieve it.

Our latest invention is based on badge material.

In a further extension of the galaxy study, scientists discovered the surroundings of five stars.

The wall flag with the constellation Cetacea as the background is very spectacular.

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