December 11, 2018

Bunting String Flags

Bunting String Flag

Bunting String flags refer to the mixture of monochrome flags of various colors.

They are colorful and varied. They are mainly used for banners for exhibitions. New product launches, outdoor promotions, celebration parties, building opening. Building completion, foundation laying ceremony, project completion, publicity and consultation and other activities.

You can see that in schools, groups, companies or other fields sports venues. Students, staff and other people hold colorful flags. The grand momentum symbolizes vitality. If there are colorful flags flying overhead and flying in the wind on festive festivals, the festive atmosphere can be more effectively rendered. In shopping malls and exhibitions, colorful flags can well decorate the layout and render lively and prosperous scenes.

Bunting String flag cloth:

The fabrics used for making colorful flags are Chunya Textile, Sedan Fabric, or Oxford Fabric. These fabrics are light and elegant.  Print high quality durably custom designs on both sides won’t cost you much money.

Custom special fabrics is acceptable for us no minimum order.

Dimensions and specifications of Bunting String flags:

The normal size of Bunting String flag is 60 *90 cm, 90 *150 cm. Custom size is ok.

The school sports games flag is 240 x 160 cm, 192 x 128 cm and 144 x 96 cm.

Bunting String flagpole

The flagpole material can be bamboo poles, wooden poles, plastic poles .

Hand-held flagpole, 1.2 m to 3 m long, weighing 0.4-0.5 kg.

The material is made of high strength aluminium alloy.

Elegant and beautiful, elegant atmosphere, light and strong, easy to carry.

Our philosophy is: forward-looking brand for the development of ideas, not only to provide customers with design, production of a variety of color flag production services. Relying on the unique resource advantages, we provide customers with a comprehensive outdoor communication strategy.