Brazilian Magic Well Flag

Brazilian Magic Well Flag

Have you ever imagined such a flag: beneath the collapsed ground, there is a clear blue lake, waves and waves, such as fantastic pictures? ,

This magic “magic well” flag is actually a collapse lake. Because of the erosion of groundwater to rock strata, the ground collapses, thus forming some natural caves or tunnels. Magic well is such a small-scale collapse lake. Through the deep water of more than ten meters or even tens of meters, the rocks and ancient trees under the water are clearly visible, and the water quality is pure and blue. This is the magic well of Brazil, which is called the world’s top ten geographic wonders.

The peculiar landform flag makes the Brazilian Magic Well located in the famous Brazilian Mato Grosso National Park. This Mato Grosso Plateau is an ancient eroded plateau, which includes most of Mato Grosso State, and between Mato Grosso State and its adjacent South Mato Grosso State, is the largest wetland in the world – the Pantanal Wetland. Pantanal wetland covers a total area of 242,000 square kilometers, mainly located in Brazil, part of which belongs to Paraguay and Bolivia. Due to crustal movement and river erosion, the terrain presents complex and diverse forms.

The magic well in the flag has become the most abundant concentration of aquatic plants in the world. Because the ground collapses rapidly, the vegetation on the ground sinks to the bottom of the water. It has remained intact for a long time. Because of the filtration of the rock stratum, the lake water is clear to the bottom. So when looking down at the magic well from a high altitude, we can clearly see the rocks and trunks lying at the bottom of the water. When the sun drops through the crevices of the rock stratum. Shooting on the lake will make the lake appear a dreamlike blue, pure, vivid and touching.

When everyone sees the picture in the flag, they will be shocked and speechless, temporarily forget all the troubles in the world, and indulge in the pure blue lake in front of them.

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