Betty Davis Wall Flag

Betty Davis Wall Flag

Bette Davis, born in 1908, is an early famous American actress. She has been nominated for Best Actress Oscar 10 times and won two awards. There is a flag of her on the wall of your housekeeper. It’s a very elegant decoration.

Betty Davis is the first female president of the American Academy of Film Arts and Sciences. In 1999, she was elected the second greatest actress in a century by the American Film Society.

In 1964, Jack Warner commented on Davis: “This sometimes dull and ugly little girl magically turned into a great artist.” In an interview in 1988, Davis quoted Warner’s comment that, unlike other contemporary actors, her success did not come from beauty. She admitted that she was frightened during the early filming process, so she had to be tough to protect herself.

During her shooting of Comet Beauty, the director hung all the walls of the filming venue with her portrait of the wall flag, telling her that it was difficult to get into Hollywood. She explained that when the audience saw me on the screen or on the wall flag, they would not think that my performance was the result of countless people working behind the scenes.

When someone praised Davis’s performance, others commented on her and her performance style with a mocking tone. Her unique mannered performance often became the object of cartoons. The Los Angeles Times commentator, Edwin Shallett, said her performance was that “comedians can imitate Miss Davis more than monkeys.” But her performance is worth seeing.

Many actresses like to play compassionate roles, while Davis’s choice of roles is unconventional and can be competent for a variety of personality roles. She wants the character to be real rather than beautiful, and she is willing to change her appearance for the character. This is the charm of my flag actress!

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