Bentley Car Flags

Bentley Car Flags


Bentley Motors Limited is a world-famous super luxury car manufacturer with headquarters in Crewe, UK. Bentley’s flag is our most exquisite!

In 1919, Mr. W. O. Bentley founded Bentley Motor Company. He said:

To build a fast car, a good car, the best in its class. Mr. Walter Owen Bingley, the founder, initially pursued the concept of excellence in car building.

Nearly a century later, Mr. Bentley’s philosophy continues to guide our beliefs, actions and ambitious goals. Bentley was acquired by Volkswagen Group in 1997 for its flag-hanging, top-ranking British luxury car, which manually built the world’s best-performing luxury travel car.

Genius Engineer Mr. Walter Owen Bentley’s racing complex created the Bentley brand. Extremely luxurious interiors and exquisite handcraftsmanship have established the same super-luxury Royal style as Rolls-Royce, but Bentley pays more attention to the sport of the car, the strong physique and body of the Bentley car, and the flying flag of the car are enough to prove this.

It is this temperament that makes Bentley break away from Rolls-Royce’s framework and appear in the world car world as a “Royal Athlete”, so that Bentley’s flag flying high in the automotive field!

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