Beautiful Girl Soldier’s Flag

Beautiful Girl Soldier’s Flag

Beautiful Girl Soldier is a classic animated film, which should be the memories of a generation, accompanied by the growth of a generation. Today, we use the form of flags to depict the classic stories of a generation.

“Beautiful Girl Soldier” is an animated cartoon of magic girl transformed into a kind produced by Eastern Animation. Our flag will show the strong beauty of beautiful girl and spare no effort. This film is directed by Sato Shunyi, Jihara Bangyan and other writers, such as Fukuda Youhong, Yokoshi Iwata, etc. It was first broadcast in Japan on March 7, 1992, and was produced and released by Eastern Show Animation, and received a lot of repercussions.

The character on the flag, the Moon Hare, is a virtual character created according to the dream of the original author Naoko Wu, because Naoko Wu likes the scenery of the playground, the handsome man in a tie and the girl in a miniskirt.

The name of the Moon Hare is also more casual. Because of Naoko Wu’s rich family background, the clothes she created for beautiful girls are Chanel or Dior. Beautiful girl fighter’s flag also has its own characteristics. And there was a reason for the rise of women’s rights at that time. Moon Hare, a strong girl who did not depend on men, came into being as the times require.

Water Ice Moon, the protagonist in the flag, is a beautiful girl who is slow and crying, but kind and has her own pursuit. Let’s share with you a group of flags about beautiful girl fighters and cute heads. Friends you like may come in and have a look.

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