Banner of Jinge Temple

Banner of Jinge Temple

Jinge Temple, also known as Luyuan Temple, is located in the Northern District of Kyoto City, Japan. It is a temple of the Xiangguo Temple of Linji Zong. It is surrounded by brilliant gold and colorful flags.

Inside and outside the Golden Pavilion Temple, they are covered with gold foil, and gold flags. Also can be gold custom embroidery patches. The three-storey Pavilion building is also called the Golden Pavilion, and the temple including the Hall of Shari is also called the Golden Pavilion Temple as a whole. The temple is the Tatou Temple outside the mountain of Xiangguo Temple. The name of Luyuan Temple derives from the founder of the temple, namely, the three generations of general of the Shiding Shogunate, the name of Fuli Yiman – Luyuan Temple. The name of the mountain is Beishan, and the temple pattern is 57 tungs.

Jinge Monastery is a monastery that transformed his original Beishan Villa into one after Yiman’s death. The Shri Temple was originally a representative building of Beishan culture in the early period of the Shiding era, but it was completely burnt down in the fire incident of Jinge Temple in Zhaohe 25 years (1950) and rebuilt in Zhaohe 30 years. It was rebuilt in December 2006 in Pingcheng. The Luyuan Temple was designated as an important historical building in the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO as part of the cultural treasure of the ancient capital Kyoto.

When I was a child, I saw the Japanese animated film “A Smart Rest”, which depicted the scenes of the Golden Pavilion Temple. The little monk Yixiu, holding a flag and rolling up his sleeves, is driving a tiger into a cage. The beautiful Jinge Temple is the scene at that time, which makes people remember deeply. The flag of Jinge Temple we made is the most beautiful winter in Japan. The Jinge Temple in the snow has a special flavor. Especially the snow-covered cedar behind the Jinge Temple is very beautiful.

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