Banner of Bailong Temple in Thailand

Banner of Bailong Temple in Thailand

Bailong Temple in Thailand, also known as Longkun Temple, Lingguang Temple, or Bai Temple, is located in Qinglai, a small city with beautiful scenery and tranquil simplicity. It is a temple to be built soon.

It was designed by Chaloemchai Khositphiphat, a famous Thai artist, and started construction in 1998. Bailong Temple is different from traditional Thai temples. It has a white background and various flags. It reflects the brilliant light. It symbolizes the purity of Buddha and the wisdom of Buddha. It shines on the whole universe. It is the only temple in the world.

After the completion of Bailong Temple, the temple will be composed of nine buildings, including Buddhist Hall, Buddha’s Statue Room, Prayer Hall, Meditation Hall and Art Museum. Each building is white, with numerous dragons carved, and the dragon body is decorated with colored flags, which is gorgeous and unique. The interior decoration of the building is also very exquisite, with four paintings of cobra, elephant, swan’s wings and lion’s mane on the top, symbolizing water, respectively. Wind and fire.

There is a bridge in the banner of Bailong Temple, which symbolizes the reincarnation of Buddha. In front of the bridge, there is a semicircle and a big circle representing the human world. In the circle, there is a Raj Marquis who spits poisonous teeth, which indicates that he has misconceptions or suffers in hell.

Bailong Monastery pays attention to the construction, can feel the perfect integration of Buddhism and art, but also can see that the whole temple has a large national flag, full of Superman pictures extracted from Hollywood blockbusters, interpretation of modern elements in religion, Bailong Monastery has been the concern of the world.

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