Avenon Girl Wall Flag

Avignon Girl Wall Flag

The flag of The Girl of Avenon was originally created by Spanish painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso in 1907. It is now in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

There were five girls sitting or standing on the wall flag, scratching their heads and gesturing. In front of them was a small square stool with several grapes on it. Characters are completely distorted and difficult to recognize. The picture shows a single planarity without any sense of stereoscopic perspective.

All the background and characters of the flag are accomplished by various colors. Although the use of colors is exaggerated and grotesque, the contrast is prominent and restrained, which gives people a strong visual impact.

Over the next ten years, this painting has made the Cubist painting in France unprecedented development, and even spread to other fields. Not only in art, but also in ballet, stage design, literature, music, embroidery patches and badge making, all have aroused resonance.

Vignon Girl Wall Flag

Avignon Girl Wall Flag

Picasso has become a figure of the school. The picture of Avenon Girls opens up a new situation of French cubism.

The colour and conception of this flag are the artistic elements of African mysticism that Picasso borrowed and absorbed. For example, there are two extreme distorted faces and distorted parts in the picture. The contrast of red, black and white colours looks terrible and full of mysticism. It can be said that “The Girl of Avenon” is the turning point of Picasso\’s life. Without it, Cubism would not be born.

Therefore, the flag we made represents people\’s thirst for freedom at night, and later generations often call it a milestone in the development of modern art!

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