Are you still worried about the choice to fly the flag?

Are you still worried about the choice to fly the flag?

How to choose a flag with characteristics, taste and aspiration?

Today we will launch the flag of dinosaur series.

Dinosaurs lived between 235 million and 65 million years ago.

A class of animals that can walk upright on their hind legs.

The global terrestrial ecosystem has been dominated for more than 160 million years.

Most dinosaurs are extinct, but birds, the descendants of dinosaurs, survive and reproduce.

Dinosaurs are prehistoric species, and there are many kinds of dinosaurs.

Scientists classify them into two categories according to the shape of their skeletal fossils:

One is called bird dragons, and the other is called lizards.

Based on the fossil teeth, it can be inferred whether they are carnivorous or herbivorous.

Dinosaurs suddenly disappeared at the end of the Cretaceous 65 million years ago.

It has become a mystery in the evolutionary history of the earth’s organisms, which is still unknown.

But it doesn’t matter. In today’s dinosaur flags and badges, you have everything you want to know.

The past creatures of the earth are recorded in fossils.

Many dinosaur fossils have been found in Mesozoic strata.

It is inferred that non-bird dinosaurs died out together in the Mesozoic.

Today only birds can be found on flags.

Most scientists agree that birds belong to dinosaurs.

There are many kinds of dinosaurs, and their shapes and habits differ greatly.

The largest fragile double-chambered dragon may exceed 50 meters, while the smallest hummingbird may be less than 10 centimeters.

As far as eating habits are concerned, there are docile herbivores and ferocious meat eaters.

It ruled the earth for about 80 million years (144 million years ago – 65 million years ago).

Many paleontologists believe that dinosaurs form a single animal group, the Dinosauria.

The biggest difference between them and reptiles lies in their standing posture and way of moving.

Such an architecture is better than those of other reptiles.

For example, crocodiles are more efficient and convenient in walking and running.

It is mainly based on the skeletal characteristics of the waistband and limbs, and these developments in evolution.

It allows dinosaurs to stand and walk.

Dinosaurs not only remain in the long river of human biological history, but also in our badges and flags.

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