American “Vegetable Basket” Building Flag

American “Vegetable Basket” Building Flag

There is always a distance between art and exotic flowers, only one wall apart. Today let’s see what’s on this flag.

Traveling through the cities, you will find that many flags are also integrated into the architectural style, more and more innovative, modern architecture no longer pursues the smooth, angular, more is the pursuit of characteristic architecture. In fact, in addition to China’s “copper coin”, “rice flower fragrance” and “Wuliangye” buildings, there are many “strange” alternative buildings abroad, such as a vegetable basket building in Longburg, Ohio, USA.

This “basket” shaped building is the headquarters building of American flag manufacturer Runge Fort Ga in Newark, Ohio. The company mainly sells handmade baskets. So the building is built according to the idea of the founder, imitating one of the company’s baskets. This is a very typical way to attract consumers’attention by enlarging the physical size.

From the content of the flag, the building is an enlarged woven vegetable basket. However, the creative place of the building is not only the appearance, but also the window just imitates the fine lines woven by the bamboo basket, which makes the whole building more realistic. The top two basket handles, in order to prevent the formation of ice, have the function of heating treatment.

It is said that art originates from life, but later found that beautiful things always have similarities, but strange buildings are always strange. Have you fallen in love with our building flag?

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