American Antelope Canyon Flag

American Antelope Canyon Flag

Today, we use flags to introduce the American Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon is located in the northernmost part of Arizona, about 30 kilometers from the town of Page. It is a dependency of Navajo, the largest tribe of North American Indians. It used to be the habitat of wild antelopes, named for the wild antelopes that often haunt the valleys. There is a small antelope on our flag. Do you see it? We do the car patches no minimum order.

Antelope Canyon, like other narrow canyons, is a soft sandstone formed by millions of years of erosion. The best time to visit Antelope Canyon is local time. From 11:00 to 12:00 noon, the sunlight just passes through the gap of the canyon and shines on the wall.

Because of the local jet lag, it takes two or three kilometers to cross the desert area to get to the real entrance of the Antelope Valley, because the Grand Canyon, the road is bumpy and windy, but the feeling of the desert flying is unparalleled! Antelope Valley is divided into Upper Antelope Valley and Lower Antelope Valley. Upper Antelope Valley should be the most beautiful valley here. The flag we made is Shangyanggu.

Shanglingyang Valley is not long, but it is deep and mysterious. It is a famous red sandstone structure. Because of the scouring of mountain torrents, it has formed a dream world. You will be amazed by its wonderful light and shadow effects when you enter the Antelope Valley. Because the light intensity is different, the color formed by refraction on the wall is yellow, orange, pink and so on.

Photographers dedicate the fabulous scenery of Antelope Valley to you, and you are shocked by our exquisite flag hanging, too!

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