Alita flag

Alita flag

The hostess of the flag of Alita, the first pirate she met after she flew out of the sea, was the leader of the Alita Pirate Regiment. She was short, stocky, freckled, and used a huge iron wolf toothstick. The crew of the Regiment called her “Big Sister Abida”.

After being defeated by Luffy’s team, Alita carried the flag of Alita, ran to a strange place, and soon ate the “slippery fruit”, then the shape changed dramatically and became a hot woman.

She was also the first enemy she met when she flew out to sea. Beauty is highly respected. Alita, who decorates pirate flags with swan heads and love, considers herself the most beautiful woman on the sea. But after being defeated by Lufei’s one punch, he became fascinated by Lufei and then pursued it painstakingly.

There are also slippery fruits in the flag. This demon fruit will make the body of the eater have special abilities, and its abilities are varied.

It can also be said that the fruits of flags can be classified into the natural and animal families, but most of them are based on the ability of “body deformation” and “things affecting body contact”. Unlike the natural system, the essence of flags or human beings can not be changed.

The slippery fruit on the flag. Let the skin surface smooth, all objects touching the skin will slip away, barefoot like wearing skates, this fruit is also a beauty saint.

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